Bogdan Trout Fly Reel


Maker:  S.E. Bogdan

Model:  Trout

Diameter:  3 1/4"

Spool Width: 0.68”

Weight:  5.0 oz

Retrieve:  Left Hand Wind

Finish:  Black Anodized Side Plates with Pale Gold Anodized Rims

Line Wt:  5

Condition:  Never Used ~ NEW





Bodgan Trout Fly Reel in new unused condition.  The reel has never been used or lined and has sat in a display case since it was purchased.  With Stan Bogdans passing it is highly unlikely that any additional reels will be made.  The Steelhead and Trout reels, which are also direct drive, employ a non-adjustable traditional sprocket and pawl 'clicker' set in a directional oscillator that checks spool overrun.



 Price: $3,195 SOLD
International Buyers Please Contact Me to Purchase (Outside the United States)