S.E. Bogdan Model 100 Salmon Fly Reel


Maker:  Bogdan

Model:  100

Diameter:  3 1/2"

Spool Width: 1.15”

Weight:  9.5 oz

Retrieve:  Left Hand Wind

Finish:  Black Anodized Side Plates with Pale Gold Anodized Rims

Serial Number:  Not Applicable

Condition:  Never Used ~ NEW





Bodgan 100 Salmon Reel in new unused condition.  The reel has never been used or lined and has sat in a display case since it was purchased.  With Stan Bogdans passing it is highly unlikely that any additional reels will be made.  The Salmon reels use a double set of caliper actuated, spring mounted, Delrin brake shoes that bear against a clutch driven steel drum. The drag tension is adjusted via a 10 position lever mounted on the back side of the reel. 



Price: $3,495 SOLD
International Buyers Please Contact Me to Purchase (Outside the United States)